Opekas is not the only organization on the Mäki. The Mäki has representative organizations for various degree programs as well as several recreational associations. Everything was found from Sempu's own sports team to the camping association, so there was definitely something for everyone! 

Subject associations 


LOkilta ry is a primary teacher student association on the Rauma Campus at the Department of Teacher Education of the University of Turku. Lokilta organizes events and courses for its members and supervises primary teacher students' interests. Lokilta works in close co-operation with other student associations in Seminaarinmäki, organizing activities and events for students. As a member, you pay cheaper entrance fees to events organized by Lokilta and you can buy student overall badges at a discounted price. Become a member if you haven't already! As a member, you can also apply to join the board of Lokilta and get involved in organizing events and influencing things on Semppu. 

If you would like to contact us, please email us at lokiltarauma@gmail.com 

or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook!


Lastopet ry is a student board for early education teacher students that was established in 1977. We operate on the campus of Rauma that belongs to the University of Turku and we are a part of the TYY student boards. Our members are all students on campus that have paid the subscription fee.

The board´s purpose is to represent our members and oversee their common juridical, educational and social benefits. We also aim to better and secure the development, care and status of children.

To fulfill our purpose and reach our goal we organize events and different kinds of courses. We also work together with the other boards on campus and other associates. Our activities and actions are planned to support our education and to be a good way to spend free time.

It is the board's job to represent itself externally, to monitor the board´s internal actions, to implement the decisions of the board meetings, to handle practical issues and the board´s finances, to prepare the board meetings and convening them, to make initiatives to promote the boards activities and actions alongside other assignments that are given to the board.


Rauman TK-kilta ry is an academic organization for all Craft, design and education students here at Rauma campus. At the moment we have estimated 250 members yearly. We hope that all new students will sign up as new members as we will offer many perks for you during your studies in University of Turku.Our activity on campus includes a lot. We work in liason with our campus personnel considering maintenance and work in Teknika-building. It is a huge benefit for us to be able to have this advantage since Teknika is a key thing in our studies. Furthermore we meet with personnel regularly to conversate about the pressing topics on our campus and studies in general.

As it is important to collaborate with our campus, it is as equally important to collaborate with other branches. We work yearly with TAO r.y. and TOL r.y. In addition we have an interest to always seek out new partnerships and liasons with local and national business to ensure benefits for our members such as more affordable materials.

As an academic organization we work with our university to further improve our field of study. We arrange special courses and work in liason with University of Turku to create new curriculums.
Our academic organization is interested in your benefit as a student and as a future teacher. Promotion of interests is a main part of our work here at Rauma campus. It includes taking part in social and education policy. Likewise we work with any matters considering equality.

And last but certainly not the least we have a great many traditions and fun to arrange on our campus. We have annual events such as Sikapeijaiset and Käsityöolympiailaiset.

If you would like to contact us, please email us at hallitus@tkkilta.fi

or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook! 

Hobby organizations 

Sempun Pallo

Sempun Pallo ry is a sports association for students studying at the University of Turku Rauma Campus. Teams playing under the name of Sempun Pallo are conducted of students from all study programs. Main goal of the association is to provide easy access to different variety of sports and to participate in student tournaments under the name of Sempun Pallo.

If you are interested in floorball, futsal, volleyball or any other sport feel free to contact us. 

Email: sempunpallo@gmail.com


Semppu Ensamble

One thing that has been missing from the Rauma campus, is university students' own orchestra, their very own "Semppu" ensemble. Semppu Ensemble is brand new organization on it's early steps which goal is to bring together all music players and enthusiastics. Our target is to organize different theme concerts and other music-related events and activities. Specially, start our own orchestra and band action in the Rauma campus. So if you play some wind, percussion or string instrument or even mouth harp, you are most welcome to come and play and enjoy music!

Contaqct us: 

Chairman Jenni Mast

Email: semppuensemble@gmail.com

Student Theater QME

The Rauma's Student Theater Qme is a student theater association that focuses in sustaining and improving theater culture in Seminaarinmäki's campus area. Qme is run by annually selected board and they organize a variety of activities and events on Seminaarinmäki.

We aim to educate our members and teach them skills that will be useful in their future profession in the field of education. We teach performative and verbal skills and organize other useful trainings when necessary. Having many different creative and dramatical tools is a great help for a teacher-to-be and the best way to learn those skills is to have a relaxed environment with their future colleagues.

In addition to training we organize other easily accessible events and activities.

Our most well known events are, for example, murder mysteries, movie nights and "bring a friend" -sitsit. These events are an excellent way of getting to know Qme's activities and fellow students.

Our biggest annual project is QmeSpeksi and we bring together people from various different fields and educational backgrounds. Speksi reqires actors/actresses, band members, dancers in addition to costume designers, set designers, make up artists and marketing.

We also aim to carry out other theaterical projects in addition to Speksi. All of our auditions and recruiting information can be found from our social media pages.

In case you're interested in student theater or maybe organizing a play of your own, please don't hesitate to join us