For freshmen

Freshmen notebook

Programs to be implemented during your studies. At the bottom of the page you will also find your tutor and instructions for the upcoming fall.

Freshman's checklist 

Things to remember before your studies

  • Congratulate yourself one more time! You did a great job!
  • Read your letter of acceptance through once more and follow the instructions that came with it carefully. 
  • Register for attendance at the University of Turku for the academic year 2022-2023 and pay the university's annual tuition fee of approx. about 50 €. 
  • Visit Kela's website and see how to apply for study and housing allowance. Read through carefully!
  • Activate your UTU ID 
  • Order a student card. It is a good idea to order the card in time so that you have time to get it before you start your studies. Your student card will also serve as a key to the university premises, so order it in time to get to school!
    -> As a member of Opekas, you are entitled to use the Slice application, which contains discounts offered by various companies, as well as an electronic student card.
  • Become a member of Opekas
  • Bevome a member of SOOL. Remember that membership in SOOL requires Opekas's membership!  
  • Join your own freshman group on Facebook.  The freshman group on the Rauma campus for 2022 is here.
  • Like Opekas on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. 
  • Get ready mentally for the best years of your life, See you on the campus!

    After starting studies:
  • Pick up the year sticker on your student card from the office shift of TYY's student secretary (Jenni Laaksonen). The academic year sticker states that you are entitled to student benefits by showing your student card. 
  • You will also receive an Opekas sticker on your student card, so pick it up on office shifts on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 11-12.15.
  • Whenever possible, take part in the events that student organizations has to offer you.
  • Enjoy your study time to the fullest!

Freshman weekend

Karvatti. Kuva: Rauman seurakunta
Karvatti. Kuva: Rauman seurakunta