Opekas offers weekly sports classes to all of our members. You can find all of the classes listed on the CampusMowe app and at our website Every year Opekas also organises themed wellbeing weeks in collaboration with other student associations on the Rauma campus. Themed weeks include multiple sports classes and special events related to wellbeing. Should you have any questions or comments about sports and wellness on campus, please get in touch with our Sport and wellbeing officers: 

Sport and wellbeing officers for 2020:

Milla Heinonen and Mikael Ristimäki - for wellbeing - for sports

GYM & SPORT CLASSES 2019 - 2020

We organise weekly sports classes, including floorball, futsal, volleyball, basketball and badminton. The classes take place at Rauma Teacher Training School and on the SAMK Rauma campus. To attend any of the classes, you can register and book your classes on Campusmowe app (for instructions, click here) or on the website. You will be notified of any possible changes at least an hour before the scheduled start of a class on the campusmowe app. It is important to make sure you have booked your classes in advance. 

We offer affordable sports and gym membership options at Kuntosumppu for our members. See the prices below.

Our members can purchase Kuntosumppu memberships from the Opekas office on Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 - 12:15. After the transaction we will give you a receipt, which you will have to deliver to Kuntosumppu gym (Karjankatu 29, 26100 Rauma) in order to obtain your membership card. Purchasing a Kuntosumppu membership card for the first time will include an additional one-time fee of 10 € for the card itself. 


29 € / month

Exercise classes

34 € / month

Combination card: gym and exercise classes

34 € + additional 10 €/ month


There is a reservation list at the Opekas office where you can reserve a badminton court by filling in your name and phone number. The badminton court is located at Rauma Teacher training school.

Before your badminton class, you need to pick up a key from the Campus library by 16:00. The key lets you in to the sports equipment storage room where you can borrow the necessary equipment. If there are other players who are staying after you leave, please give the key to them.

After the class is finished, please put the badminton equipment back to the storage room, turn off the lights and lock the doors. You need to leave the premises before 21:00. Please return the key to the library the following Monday by 16:00.